Amado Marmaril

Amado was a health records analyst in Lakewood, CA.

“He was the friendliest and most helpful coworker you could have asked for. He was funny and had a very kind soul.”

Amado's coworkers called him "Lolo," the Filipino word for grandpa, because he was always sharing advice and stories of his youth. He loved music and collecting stamps, coins, and money from different countries — which he kept as organized as the medical records he worked with. A very religious man, he would read his Bible every day at lunch, because he said it was also important to feed your mind and soul. He was 83, but people thought he was 50 because he was so youthful. He loved working, but had plans to retire in 2022 and live on a farm in the Philippines.


“Amado greeted everyone daily with ‘Good Morning,’ a smile and a sincere compliment. He took pride in his work. I will always remember him like he was my ‘Lolo’ because he was a wonderful grandfather figure to me.”